08 4 / 2013

I made it through 12 weeks! I didn’t think I accomplished much, but a loss is a loss I suppose. I didn’t reach my 25 lbs. goal, but I did lose 9 lbs. and 3% body fat! In my final photos, you could even see my ab and back muscles. Say what!?

Since I didn’t reach my goal weight, I wasn’t thinking I would win any prize money. However, it turns out that about 90% of the challengers didn’t show up for their final weigh in! This disqualifies them meaning that I have less competition and have a better chance at winning a cash prize!  Not to mention, I did write a pretty kick ass essay, that will hopefully get some tears going. Don’t worry, I’ll post the results once I find out and I’ll post my essay once I get the chance.

I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t reach my goal, but it was no ones fault but mine. Food really is my weakness! I’ve cranked up the workout, but still need to make sure I have less calories going in. Still 15 lbs. away from my overall weight loss goal. But it’s better than being 25 lbs. away, I guess ;) I’m so close! Hopefully I can get there soon.

***Special shout out to my friend Don who decided to join the 12-Week Challenge with me. He’s 75 years old and attends every Group Exercise class at Gold’s Gym. He lost 26 lbs!!! I am pretty confident that he’ll win overall male for his age group. He kicked serious butt and I’m so proud of him. He says he weighs just as much now as he did in high school. That took a lot of determination! I have to say, when I’m 75, I’m probably going to eat whatever the hell I want, so major props to Don for not doing that ;)

05 4 / 2013

Finallyyyy. Officially certified (and hired)! Another dream come true. 😄 #bodyjam #lesmills

Finallyyyy. Officially certified (and hired)! Another dream come true. 😄 #bodyjam #lesmills

05 4 / 2013

What a GREAT way to start off year 29!

What a GREAT way to start off year 29!

27 3 / 2013

Feeling SUPER fat lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been eating like a dinosaur? Anyway, thought I’d remind myself of how far I’ve come and hopefully continue to stay motivated :)

Feeling SUPER fat lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been eating like a dinosaur? Anyway, thought I’d remind myself of how far I’ve come and hopefully continue to stay motivated :)

09 3 / 2013

130 Reps

35#/45# Snatch

So stinkin’ proud of my Crossfit (Northsound) Crew. I love seeing everyone switch to Beast Mode and owning their workouts. They’ve all been getting better and stronger every week. Steph, Teri, NJ, Reyes, Peter, Mallyn, Rob, you are my motivation! Way to kill it this week!

08 3 / 2013

I’m a few days late, but you may have seen a photo from my Body Jam Cert taping on Monday. I was nervous the whole day leading up to it, but once I put on the headset, I was pumped and ready to go!

I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better crowd. I am so touched that some people made sure to be there that night for my taping. (Some people I didn’t even know!) The room was packed with about 25 dancers/members/friends which is on the high end for this particular class. They were so responsive and showed the camera what a great time they were having. I couldn’t have done as well as I did if it weren’t for their high energy and constant hollering :)

Needless to say, the taping went fabulously. I messed up on a few parts, but hey, I’m only human! I didn’t let the mess ups discourage me though and kept on going. I sent the tape in the next day and was informed that it’ll be about 4-6 weeks before hearing back. But I’m hoping that I passed!

Although I haven’t officially passed my video yet, the group exercise director of Gold’s Gym Northwest attended my taping. She promptly sent me an email the next day to sign paperwork to be a Body Jam sub at the Bothell, Redmond and Issaquah gyms!

Can you believe it? I used to be fat and now I’m a Body Jam Instructor?! Feels good :)

*I’m subbing my first class Sunday 3/23 in Issaquah. Come join me!

08 3 / 2013

These numbers are to help me record my workouts, but also to be accountable to consistently get faster, better and lift more weight.

30 Burpees + Plate Jump

20 Snatch (25#)

20 Burpees + Plate Jump

15 Snatch (25#)

10 Burpees + Plate Jump

10 Snatch (25#)

Time = 9:04

30s sit ups 5x = 80

06 3 / 2013

Body jam taping: check!! I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd! #bodyjam #dance #lesmills (at Gold’s Gym)

Body jam taping: check!! I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd! #bodyjam #dance #lesmills (at Gold’s Gym)

26 2 / 2013

"Diet is King. Fitness is Queen."

24 2 / 2013

These past few weeks have been full of ups and downs. Actually, mostly downs. I started off the 12-Week Challenge strong, dropping 6 lbs. in just one week! I attribute that to the 48-hour cleanse I did right off the bat. I was on top of the world but unfortunately, it’s slowed down since then. It’s come to a screeching halt, in fact.

I know that I need to get on track with my eating. Too often people think that if they work out like a crazy person they can still lose weight no matter what they eat. But really, you’re most likely just maintaining or gaining weight that way. It’s so much easier to consume calories than it is to burn them. I’m in a really weird spot though because I feel like I’m constantly hungry and needing to fuel my body for my workouts! I really had the eating thing down for months but maybe it’s time to shake it up even more.

If you ask the closest people to me, they’ll tell you that I’ve really been down on myself for not losing any more weight to the point where I want to just give up. I really wanted to reach my goal weight by the end of this challenge but it ends in 45 days (half way done!) and I’m not even close to my goal or on track. Depressing.


I had President’s Day off with no plans so I asked my friend NJ if I could join him at Crossfit. I’ve been wanting to try this ever since I saw the Crossfit games on TV two years ago. The thing that impressed me most was not so much the way these women’s bodies looked but how strong they were. I want to be strong like that!

Long story short, I LOVED IT! I loved having a trainer help me with my form, I loved having people cheering me on, I loved working side by side with a friend, and I loved how it made me feel. Tired, for sure, but also like I could do anything!

Since then I’ve done Crossfit two more times and gotten two friends to join in on the fun. (It’s addicting and contagious!) Yesterday’s workout was brutal. Our trainer, Connor, included a run into our conditioning workout. I had a vision of being far behind the rest of the crew, ready to puke while they waited for me at the finish. Meaning, I immediately felt anxiety for what was to come. The workout was tough but in the end, I wasn’t far behind! I actually kept pace with the BOYS (all boys!!!) And finally, I came to the realization that even though its been harder for me to drop weight lately, I am getting stronger every single day.

It took me a long time to get as heavy and out of shape as I was and I should expect that it’s going to also take a long time to reach my goal. Just because it doesn’t happen right away doesn’t mean it never will. I have already seen an incredible change in my body and fitness level and I should be proud. Each week I may not get lighter but I am consistently getting stronger. The best part is that I have a healthy heart and body where my soul can live for a really long time.

Don’t give up friends, you will make it there one day. Can you imagine how awesome it will be?